Vie Ferrata

And then there is the most enjoyable Via Ferrata, which offers strong emotions in complete safety, unique views and breathtaking landscapes. For hikers who want to get out of the box and put themselves to the test. The Valle di Susa is the largest district of Vie Ferrate in the western Alps. Worth mentioning is the Via Ferrata that leads to the Sacra di San Michele: a path that after the first more challenging stretch gives an immense satisfaction as well as a sensational view over the Lower Valley.
Then again the “Via degli Alpini” on Mount Charr√†, the Ferrata del Rouas and the “Gorge della Dora Riparia”, a route of mainly scenic nature aimed at discovering a wild and otherwise inaccessible place.


The Via Ferrata follows the cliff that dominates the provincial road that leads from Bardonecchia to the Stretta Valley. The Via Ferrata of the Rouas, among the different ones present in the valley, is the one that, from a sporting point of view, is closer to the models of nearby France.
It is located in a very beautiful place, with a typically alpine flavor, on a finely worked limestone rock and with beautiful views of the Bardonecchia basin. The equipment is impeccable and on the same wall three different paths are developed to meet the needs of the neophyte, for both the expert and the little ones.