Sauze di Cesana

Ninety kilometers from Turin (the duraion of a good movie), you can reach Sauze di Cesana. Once there, you’re also five from Sestriere, five from Cesana Torinese and twenty-five from Briancon.

But the question is: why come to Sauze di Cesana? For the mountains, maybe. For some clean air. For the silence, stillness and the slowest, happiest, kindest rhythms you can imagine. For the scent of the ground and the pine trees. To experience the snow and the cold air coming down from the forest.


Its name appears in medieval documents, in which it’s called Salise Cesanae and Saude. Later, in 1516, it appears as Sallicia Sezanio; Sauze a word meaning willow tree, but also above or balcony. The historical and political events of this small village first saw the French domination (Delfinato) and then the Italian one, with the passage to the Savoy in 1713 (from ``Utrecht``).

Despite the devastating fire that destroyed most of its buildings in 1962, Sauze di Cesana still maintains its links with history through artistic and architectural legacies of a distant past. Today Sauze di Cesana is a small mountain town whose economy is essentially based on tourism.

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