The house was built in 1603. At that time there was a stable, a barn and a small room to sleep in.

Our family bought the house in 2004. The renovation started in 2015 and ended in the fall of 2018. The idea of making a Room & Breakfast came from the desire to share with others the joy that we experienced firsthand in this valley and between these mountains. The renovation work was carried out by our father, Massimo Franchino, who has been able to translate our dream into something real with the help of rock, mortar, wood and lots of passion. The project is my sister Erica’s, my mother Carla’s and mine: Granuit.


Owners and ski instructors

We are Serena and Erica Franchino, both ski instructors and both graduated in business administration. The passion for the mountains and for Sauze di Cesana was transmitted to us by our maternal grandparents and our mother, born and raised in this small and splendid jewel called the Ripa Valley. The idea of building and managing a Room & Breakfast has brought together our story and that of our family: the numerous winters and the many summers experienced at the foot of these mountains have filled our souls with dreams and projects. Last but not least, this.

Room & Breakfast

ROOMS - The cabin has been renovated so to obtain five rooms, including three double and two family rooms (the latter consisting of 2 rooms each), a living room with a relax area, the ski room and an outdoor patio. BREAKFAST - Breakfast - sweet and savory - is prepared every morning with selected local products. Particular attention is guaranteed when it comes to food allergies and intolerances. We bake cakes daily, while bread and focaccia are typical products purchased from the Agribiscotto bakery. The eggs come from the hens raised on the land by our grandfather Lorenzo. The cheeses and butter come from the upper Valle Susa and the salami from farms nearby. The fruit is strictly seasonal and is purchased from local farms. The jams are produced by our mother Carla with fresh fruit and honey from the Azienda Agricola di Sauze di Cesana.

Zero Impact

The house has been refurbished in order to guarantee the least possible impact on the environment, obtaining the energy class A. Hot water is produced by thermal solar panels, the heating comes from a wood-fired boiler. We focus on implementing the principles of zero waste and those set by the United Nations agenda for 2030: “I refuse if I can not reuse” for the usage of plastic waste.

Once upon a time...