Immersed in unspoiled nature, Sauze di Cesana offers the hiker a rich intertwining of itineraries, for walking, mountain biking or horseback riding.
A route of ancient roads, now called “balcony path”, connects all the areas, from Rollieres to Sauze di Cesana, and then up to Grangesises, Bessen Haut and Bessen Bass up to Valle Argentera, as well as the surrounding municipalities of Cesana and Sestriere. In Valle Argentera you can find hiking trails at the bottom of the valley, accessible to everyone but also trails in the high mountains.


Punta Ramiere (3.303 m), departure from Argentera, difference in height of 1.406 m; travel time h 3.5;
Cima Platasse (m 3.149), departure from Brusà del Plan, travel time h 3.5, difference in height m 1.319.
Both are challenging hikes, with walking trails and the final part on rocks.
For Mountain Bike lovers it is worth mentioning the route that goes from Sauze di Cesana to Cimabosco and back, arriving in Thures for the more experienced mountain biker;
the tour of the Valle Argentera: starting from Sauze di Cesana and reaches the Gran Mioul pasture at an altitude of 2.442 to return from Brusà d’le Merle, Bessen Haut and Sestriere, and again from Bessen Haut.